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Topic: Wish for v1.5: FLAC album art padding awareness (Read 2978 times) previous topic - next topic
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Wish for v1.5: FLAC album art padding awareness


I have a wish for v1.5 and the song properties rework: show picture size (padding) and, when removing from FLAC file, show a warning:

You are going to remove W album art from X FLAC files of Y KB each.
If you do not re-encode the file, the padding use to integrate the file into the FLAC will remain.
Foobar2000 can re-encode the file to remove the padding. Removing the padding will save Z KB total.

[ ] Do not show again - Foobar2000 will do the selected action for future removals.
* Cancel action
* Remove padding from files
* Keep padding

At the opposite, we must inform users that inserting images in FLAC files will increase padding but most (if not all) software won't remove said padding if the file is not re-encoded.
You are about to embed pictures into FLAC files.
Please consider that, if you are to remove them or replacing them with smaller artwork in the future, that the space added into the file in order to insert the image isn't automatically removed, like with MP3s, until the file is re-encoded. You can use the Song Properties again and remove the artwork and ask to remove the padding here in Foobar2000. However, keep in mind that, if you remove it with another software that the image will be gone but not the padding.

[ ] Do not show again
* Proceed.
* Cancel.

Additionally, the default option can be set in the options if the messages have been set to do not be shown.

I really want this to happen and raise awareness of this weakness of the FLAC format. Not a lot of people know about this.

The only downside to having to re-encode the file, it's that the next time writing tags will be slow but the next sub-sequent writes will return to fast. Oh and, make the padding size CLEAR and VISISBLE under he picture. Not a line in the extended info dialogue. Bonus points if Foobar2000 detects padding but no pictures, a "remove padding" option appears if the size is larger than a user-defined size (default could be 25KB). The padding can be shown for other format but is less important than FLAC files as the padding is removed when the picture is removed.


I've just seen a screenshot of the new dialog. One thing's for sure, the size is clearly displayed! Nice. Now, to know if the rest of wishes can come true.

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