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Foobar Context Menu - Open OR Enqueue, not both

 When running 1.4.3 something changed.  I always had in the Windows Desktop explorer both in the folder navigation pane and the file list the two context menu choices - Play or Enqueue, with Play the default.

But now the navigator pane still has both choices, but the file list pane only has Play.  If I change foobar preferences to make Enqueue the default then the file list only has Enqueue, no Play.

I upgraded to 1.4.5 but no change.

Is this a new issue with foobar, or perhaps a Windows update "hidden feature"?  Or have I done something dumb?

I'm running windows 10 1903 with latest updates.

Re: Foobar Context Menu - Open OR Enqueue, not both

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OK this is getting weirder.  How can an existing folder have Play and Enqueue context menu options, but a new one not???  Even when they contain exactly the same mp3 files.  Even when the folder properties look to be the same.

I still think this is a Windows update breaking something but could it be Foobar2000's context menu implementation?

Anyone with similar issues?

In the two images I uploaded the Play and Enqueue option should be after "Scan with Windows Defender" in BOTH.

Re: Foobar Context Menu - Open OR Enqueue, not both

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The folder context menus are missing for music folders when Windows Media Player is enabled. Its context menus override foobar's ones as they aren't generated with shell extension.

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