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Exact Audio Copy "blank" track not in database

I'm trying to back up John Mayer - Room For Squares. I'm using EAC Copy and Copy Image and Cue Sheet. Track 13 is a "blank" track of about 23 seconds. I keep getting a "Not In Database" when ripping. CueTools says it's accurately ripped but AccuRip is returning nothing for this track. How can this be when it's not an error? Has nobody made an image of this CD? Just curious...

Re: Exact Audio Copy "blank" track not in database

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So, is there a really a problem?    ...I'd probably remove that gimmick-track from the copy.

In the days before AccurateRip (or if the disc is not in the database) I never had an audible defect when EAC reported "no errors".

I found this on Wikipedia:
Note: On the Columbia re-release, "St. Patrick's Day" is consistently listed as track 14; track 13 is an unlisted song with a duration of 0:04, and sometimes even 0:00.

Re: Exact Audio Copy "blank" track not in database

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I guess I should just be happy it's a good rip, but strange AccuRip/EAC doesn't report short tracks...

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