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ffmpeg atempo vs. asetrate


I have a DVD (25 fps) audio stream --> 01:26:17.920
And I want to put it on a Blu-Ray (23.976 fps) --> have to be 01:29:53,180

01:26:17.920 / 01:29:53,180 = 0,960086627926381

Now I have to commands:
ffmpeg.exe -i audio.flac -filter:a "atempo=0.960086627926381" audio_23976fps_atempo.flac
ffmpeg.exe -i audio.flac -filter:a "asetrate=48000*0.960086627926381,aresample=48000" audio_23976fps_asetrate.flac

What is the difference? What preserves the best quality?
Both have the correct length now.


Re: ffmpeg atempo vs. asetrate

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First changes tempo and tries to keep same pitch.
Second one changes both speed and pitch.

Re: ffmpeg atempo vs. asetrate

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Thank you.
What would you suggest for frame rate conversion?

Re: ffmpeg atempo vs. asetrate

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atempo if you care for tempo, like for example if there is speech.
otherwise it doesnt matter.

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