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Re: MP3gain alternative.. ReplayGain?

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One can certainly add ReplayGain metadata tags to FLAC files.  foobar2000 will do this as well as many other programs.  And many programs will play back those FLAC files, using the RG tag, including foobar2000.
Ah, from some answers I thought it wasn't possible. Good then.

Pretty much every format can get tagged. Pretty much every format can get ReplayGain tags.
Issue is: are you using a player that can reads and honors the ReplayGain tags upon playback? If you are willing to switch to a player that does so, then problem solved without changing anything but tags. Many here use foobar2000, but you should get other advice at this forum.
I must say that I'm mostly using VLC nowadays (plus an old Winamp sometimes), so I guess that I'll be fine with RG.
I tried foobar2K a pair of times in the past, but there were always some UI problems I didn't like.
(also, it didn't support all old formats like Winamp and didn't allow VirtualMIDISynth, but this is another story)

Re: MP3gain alternative.. ReplayGain?

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Small correction on a recent post: RG values can be positive as well as negative. IOW, the level can either be increased or decreased when RG is applied.
Is 24-bit/192kHz good enough for your lo-fi vinyl, or do you need 32/384?

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