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Re: How accurate is the Vinyl Myths wiki entry

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I don’t agree that it was a reasonable assumption to blame the technology and I don’t see the point in discussing hardware as it relates to your stated preference for AAD. There are humans involved in the process. They make subjective decisions and are fallible.

As for releases, Dire Straits Brothers in Arms was DDD if I’m not mistaken.  Rush Power Windows and Hold Your Fire both are superb.
EDIT: Wikipedia has some examples of DDD releases.
Apparently Brothers in Arms was technically DAD. It lists Scorpions Love at First Sting as DDD.

Sometime in the mid-80s I bought an Alexis Quadraverb. It demonsted to me that digital sampling and playback could be done transparently. This is merely an anecdote, however. It does nothing to shoot down any myths about the superiority of vinyl.
What is funny is my record store friend mentioned how Love At First Sting was one of the best produced albums of all time and I wholly agree.

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