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Searching for a DAP


does anyone know about a DAP having the following features?
* Physical buttons
* MicroSD card slot
* Random album mode
* Not using Android
* Under 200€

I'm using a Clip+ with Rockbox, but once its battery finally dies, I'll be deep in it.

Re: Searching for a DAP

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I also have a Clip+ and, other than my aging eyes not being able to read the tiny screen, it's just about perfect in every way with Rockbox.

I'm no Apple fanboy, but I really liked my old iPod Shuffle. It doesn't have a card slot, but meets all other criteria. 3rd generation is available with 4GB if that helps, although it has no buttons on the unit (requires a headphone controller or dongle that you plug your headphones in to). Apple's proprietary file management is lame, but the foobar2000 component worked fine for me.

Good luck on your quest.


Re: Searching for a DAP

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Guess I could try to find a Xduoo compatible with Rockbox. It's really sad that almost no device you can buy new is supported by this great software.

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