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1.5 beta 5 drag+drop issue

Library viewer playlist with 1 folder, 25 items. Open folder, drag+drop the same 25 files to the end of the playlist. Looks like attachment.

While I'm at it, the new selection Properties dialog window:
* + add new button: there is no way I can delete completion suggestions. Until then, am I stuck with STYEL?
* ... capitalization mixture ... is that intentional?
* Tab jumps to field without completing while Enter means I have to press F2 to fill in field content; wouldn't it be better for Enter to enter without completing, and Tab to complete? And both jump to field?
* You might consider "+ add new (Ctrl-n)"
* Ctrl-n, Alt-Tab (to this window), Alt-Tab back, and the Properties lose focus.
* What about a key combination for rescan for changed tags & open Properties? Alt+Shift+Enter?
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