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Anyone know how to stop the Biography (Spider Monkey Panel) from downloading "similarArtists.json" files from lastfm? I don't need them, but I can't find how to sop them! Thanks.


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With default settings Similar Artists.json files should not be downloaded. It just reads the similar artists, if required, that are present in the biography text file.

Only, if the tagger or "More Items" drop down menu are set to use more than the 6 in the biography text file, will it grab Similar Artists.json files automatically.

Simple answer to resolve the issue: right click > menu > sources > server settings > reset to default.

However, if you have made other custom changes to server settings:

1) shift+right click biography > Write Tags to selected files. Check that the number of similar artists to write is 6 or less.
2)  right click > menu > sources > server settings > configure

Check that the "Similar Artists: Number to Display(0-10)=" under the following heading is 6 or less.

Similar Artists: Number to Display(0-10)=6

You can also set Save List to 0, but that shouldn't be necessary if the above settings are 6 or less.

Save List 0-Never 1-Auto=0

Also, ensure you're using Biography version 1.1.1, and that there aren't any previous Biography versions in the layout.

Lastly biography doesn't name Similar Artists.json files exactly as "similarArtists.json", it uses e.g. "Coldplay And Similar Artists.json", so double check that they're coming from biography.



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Thanks for these replies, especially WilB - looks like the solution I was looking for. Yes, the files were labelled "Coldplay And Similar Artists.json", etc. Cheers

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