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? best crossover for Rockville SPG88

whats a good crossover point to set for these from the receiver i was going set to 50hz, my current config is my fronts are at 70hz an

my center at 60hz , would 50hz on these Rockville SPG88 for use as sides an a pair set at 60hz for rears be good i'll be driving

each set with a crown xli 800 at 200watts a channel just like my fronts an center are

this was my previous speakers preferred config because my subs are in the back (minus the amp power old loadout an emotiva A-500 80watts per ch) ( current loadout is 200watts a channel )

an i feel they blended better back to front , but with new speakers in mix that isn't aways the case as with my current duel 8in bics in front an center

my previous surround speakers set were all 6.5in polks set like this 50hz on front 60hz center 40hz on surrounds an

100hz lowpass on the subs

my current planed config is ( currently own PL-89 fronts at 70hz an two PL-28II centers at 60hz an ( Rockville SPG88 for sides at 50hz yet to be powered

i plan to get a 2nd set of Rockville SPG88 an a as rears at 60hz both the sets to be driven by a crown xli 800

im still reworking my sub build

so an any thoughts on crossover point an speakers positioning

i also plan to build so bigass acoustic bass trap at 6ft by 3ft by 6in thick

will take pixs when i have a better camara


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