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Library Selection & Playlist for pool

I start used foobar this thursday. (before i only saw on frends computer)
I was able to learn how to make own UI, convert music, using plugins, file operations to sort musik...
But i need help.
I want simple think in my UI (i hope so):
In position 1 always Library selection
In position 2 always Playlist for pool, Drag & drop, just random thinks from diferent folders or for everything I pull with the mouse here.

If you look on my bild UI position 1 is Facets library selection. If i add New UI element on position 2 (playlist tabs, or playlist view) it always change if i change library selection. Its possible to prevent that?
What i doing wrong?

PS: Sorry for my english

Re: Library Selection & Playlist for pool

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Hi there,

Default foobar will always show the active playlist. Get EsPlaylist (not EL) which can pin a specific playlist, and place it in your layout (position 2). Make a File menu > New Playlist and rename it to whatever you like as your pool playlist.

To pin the playlist, right-click on EsPlaylist > Playlists menu and switch off whichever of the top three options is on (disable 'Follow Active Playlist'), then repeat and select the playlist to pin.

EsPlaylist has a few neat features, be sure to check other right-click options and the File > Preferences > Tools > EsPlaylist page and experiment to your liking.

Cheers 8)

Re: Library Selection & Playlist for pool

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I did everythink what have you writed.
When i add songs to playlist with name BORDEL (pos2) stay there.
If i change something in pos1 (Library selection), BORDEL (pos2) dont change.

Thats perfect!!! GREAT Thanks !

But now after double click "play" in playlist BORDEL pos2, pos1 will immediately change to playlist BORDEL.
Is possible to LEFT pos1 allways stay Library Selection or Library Selection (playing)?

Re: Library Selection & Playlist for pool

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Hmm, that is a bit of a puzzle. Since using Playlist Tabs you would not be able to pin Library Selection playlist, as all other tabs would be pinned as well.

Not really much you can do there. Can always switch the tab back. Or if you have 'Activate when changed' enabled it will switch back automatically when you select from Facets. (Preferences > Media Library >  Library Viewer Selection Playlist).

I guess foobar was only really designed to use show one playlist at a time ... :-\



Re: Library Selection & Playlist for pool

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Thats is not what i expected but is much better like bouth side go change.
 Realy great is pool playlist is always pool and dont change.

GREAT thanks for help !

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