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EAC Burn

Hello, I have rips EAC, I wanted to burn them on CDs, I see that you can burn a copy 100% perfect with EAC, but you need a player there is something with lead-in lead- out, but I wanted to know if I'm grading it with a normal tool like imgburn, or whatever ... will there be a hearing difference, or at what level will the difference be compared to making a 100% cd same or not

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Any difference would depend on the drive used. Some drives require 'write sample offset' correction to start writing audio to the CD in same position as the original CD. There is a setting in EAC to correct for this offset (if needed). ImgBurn doesn't have a setting.
However, if you don't correct for the 'write sample offset' that doesn't change the audio, the burned CD simply starts playing a few samples earlier or later than the original CD did.
Note: If you try to rip a CD in EAC that was burned on a drive that required 'write sample offset' correction and it wasn't applied, the difference will prevent the rip from verifying as accurate with AccurateRip.

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I don't know why i can't reply to the thread,
So as i understand, with imgburn, or even brasero for example, I would have exactly the same data 1: 1 on the CD, and when we correct the offer in reading or writing what is it used then? I thought it had an influence on the data because it takes the correct offset to have the rip 100% perfect some say that without the write offset we do not have the same CRC32

Re: EAC Burn

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I won't try to cover every possible scenario and I can't provide a short answer that covers any hardware and/or setting configuration.
CRC32 differences would depend on where you start reading (a few samples earlier or later) and whether or not any data (samples that weren't null) were lost from the beginning of the first track or the end of the last track from offsetting.
What exactly are you looking for? Isn't the burned CD just for listening?

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