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rip is not getting accepted into AR db, how come?

My rip(s) appear not to be getting accepted in the AR database:

Starting point
  • 1 pressed retail audio CD
  • 2 different PCs
  • numerous different disc drives
  • not present in either database on first rip (must not have been popular)
Steps taken
  • EAC rip on PC1 using drive1
  • EAC rip on PC1 using drive2
  • EAC rip on PC2 using drive3
  • EAC rip on PC2 using drive4
  • [...]
  • submit results on both PCs
  • wait (months)
  • CUETools verify
Expected outcome
  • AR and CTDB confidence increases with each rip
Actual outcome
  • only CTDB is incrementing (8/8 now)
  • AR steadfastly disavows any knowledge of the disk ("disk not present in database")
It's been 8 months since the first rip date - is there a logical explanation for this phenomenon?
What requirements for AR am I not meeting?
Would I need to rip a different specimen of the same disc?
And if so, doesn't that mean if there's only one copy of a cd in existence (like that Wu-Tang clan one, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin), it could *never* get into AR db?
Where can I learn more about these workings of AR?


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