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Make the Volume slider larger

I recently purchased a 17" touchscreen Zed PC and am having great difficulty adjusting playback volume when in "Tablet Mode".

After Googling for a while and searching this forum I haven't found a thread discussing this issue and wonder if it is indeed possible?

The volume slider I would like to enlarge is the default, bottom right, in the Columns UI interface. IE the Status bar. Works fine when one has a mouse in hand, but very iffy when using a fingertip.

Help would be much appreciated

Re: Make the Volume slider larger

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You can enter layout editing mode (View/Layout/Live Editing), then right click in the main window to add a volume slider toolbar that can be as long as you want (don't remember if the height can be adjusted).

Note that if you haven't edited your layout before, maybe take it slow and experiment with a portable installation first to not mess up your current one. You might also need to add a splitter panel first.

I think there are volume slider scripts for JScript/Monkey panel components as well which may scale to any size/can be more fancy but will also take more work.

(Also just to be clear you can't enlarge the one that comes with CUI's status pane, but you can add individual elements that can be.)

Re: Make the Volume slider larger

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Thanks for the reply.

I am aware of the possiblities as mentioned above, your answer reminded me that I removed said slider when customizing my install initially. As I just migrated my Foobar I've overlooked this.

If there is something to be done about the height I should definitely like to know. Perhaps it can be customized in a manner similar to playback control buttons? IDK

Re: Make the Volume slider larger

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I just checked, if you add the Volume toolbar as its own panel in layout editing mode (as opposed to just selecting it as visible on the existing menu/buttons/toolbar thing) then you can resize it however big you want.

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