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[Question/Feature Request] Asyncronous drag&drop

I've implemented a drag&drop operation in my component using fb2k ole_interaction API, that allows (among other thing) copying files from fb2k to external applications (e.g. Windows Explorer). The problem is that such copying operation (invoked during drag&drop) blocks the main thread until the copying process is complete.

The same behaviour is observed with the default playlist viewers in both DUI and CUI. So it seems that the problem is not in my implementation, but rather in the underlying API.

I've Google'd a little and it seems that the problem is the IDataObject interface implementation: for the drag&drop operation to be async-able one have to implement and handle properly the IDataObjectAsyncCapability interface.

So, the question: would it be possible to implement IDataObjectAsyncCapability support in fb2k ole_interaction API?

Thanks in advance =)

PS: The relevant discussion with lots of info on the matter:

Re: [Question/Feature Request] Asyncronous drag&drop

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Feature request noted, it will be investigated for a future update.


Re: [Question/Feature Request] Asyncronous drag&drop

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Thanks Peter for this!

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