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foobar volume control from wireless keyboard Ubuntu/Linux

With Ubuntu [and probably other distros too] If you have foobar under Wine playing on a computer and a wireless keyboard you use as a handset this is fun >>>

Code: [Select]
sudo apt-get install winbind

to facilitate processes

Code: [Select]
sudo gedit ~/.config/openbox/lxde-rc.xml
➌ CTRL+F   to find where "keybind key" starts on page
➍ Create a new <keybind key> </keybind>  this way

Code: [Select]

<keybind key="A-f"><action name="Execute"><command>wine ~/.wine/dosdevices/c:/"Program Files (x86)"/foobar2000/foobar2000.exe /playpause</command></action></keybind>

<keybind key="C-0"><action name="Execute"><command>wine ~/.wine/dosdevices/c:/"Program Files (x86)"/foobar2000/foobar2000.exe /command:Up</command></action></keybind>

<keybind key="C-9"><action name="Execute"><command>wine ~/.wine/dosdevices/c:/"Program Files (x86)"/foobar2000/foobar2000.exe /command:Down</command></action></keybind>  

Nota Bene:   if you want other settings use:

Modifier keys    
S    Shift key
C    Control key
A    Alt key
W    Super key (Usually bound to the Windows key on keyboards which have one)
M    Meta key
H    Hyper key (If it is bound to something)

➎ then run
Code: [Select]
openbox --reconfigure && lxpanelctl restart
to validate the changes

NOW: Take your wireless keyboard sit away from computer hit Alt+F to playpause or Ctrl+0 or 9 to see the volume cursor move


yea yer roight !

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