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Maintaining folder content based on playlist

Everything i found in google are about keeping playlist in foobar, mirror of folder content. I want to have a specific folder be a mirror of foobar playlist.

I want to add track from library to a playlist in foobar, and see a copy of file in specific folder. And more important, when I remove track from a playlist - the file will be removed from folder. Did someone found antyhing like this? Or maybe its immpossible with foobar, and I should start looking another solution?

I'm assuming that since foobar can copy files, and can remove files, there won't be any troubles to write plugin I imagine. But can't found anything, and wanted to be sure, that it isn't just my google awkwardness and similarity of words.

I'm using a kind of a rotation playlist in my PC. I'm getting files from Music Library and adding them to the playlist, and when I found taht some track bored me enough I'm removing it from playlist. I thought the best solution for having same content on my android is to have an auto-synced folder, which could be synchronised with android in some way. If someone found another workflow to achieve my goal, feel free to suggest me.

Re: Maintaining folder content based on playlist

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If the music on your mobile device shares the same directory structure as your desktop music directory then you could export a playlist from foobar2000 instead and sync the playlist itself (assuming the music player can handle it). That's what I do for my mobile device (not Android btw).

Re: Maintaining folder content based on playlist

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Thank you for response. Unfortunately I keep my music collection in a Genre/Artist - (Date) Album/Filename kind of structure. For some time I listen to whole album, then i choose best tracks, and put them into a rotation playlist, and for some time I listen to music from this playlist. I want to keep original files in structure i describe above. So i assume the best way to make them safe is operate on copies.

Mobile version of foobar has implemented TuneFUSION connector - app which syncing pc folder with android folder (everything on mobile device does inside mobile foobar app) - I need something like TuneFUSION but built inside pc foobar, and binded to playlist instead of separate desktop app binded to windows folder.

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