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Conversion speed - To good to be true?

I am new to foobar2000 and using it to convert to mp3 LAME from FLAC, ALAC and WV. The speeds are lightening fast compared to what I'm used to with BatchEncoder set to 30 threads. It's so fast, in fact, that I'm trying to determine if I'm doing something wrong or if the program is not working as I'd like it to.

That said, two questions:
  • Is the LAME encoder automatically set to use the FAST switch or something?
  • The program does convert files to temporary WAV files, right? I would think that not doing so would be the only way to save time, but I don't think there's a way to properly create MP3s without this.

Re: Conversion speed - To good to be true?

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The default LAME MP3 converter settings just tell lame not to bother printing progress or computing replaygain. Fast mode isn't used. Decoding is done to WAV but not to a physical file. The WAV is written directly to memory that lame reads using a pipe.

foobar2000 has very fast decoders, sane buffering and it uses threads efficiently. It is indeed very fast at converting and other processing.


Re: Conversion speed - To good to be true?

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Thank you sir

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