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Topic: Cannot see Folder.jpg (album art) in my folders after CUI (Hidden) (Read 643 times) previous topic - next topic
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Cannot see Folder.jpg (album art) in my folders after CUI (Hidden)

I had folder.jpg file in all my ripped CD folders, showing the front cover of the CD.  Now they seem to have been hidden. Even checking show hidden files in Windows 10 did not help. The odd part is only the album art files for Cds which are linked to my CUI are hiddeen. My ripped CDs are in H:\Classical\composer_name\cd_name..  and another set of Cds in H:\RockJazz\album_artist_name\cd_name. I am new to Foobar and just started playing with CUI. So I only added the Classicla music folder as my music library path while I build my interface. What I noticed is that only the folder.jpg files in the in the classical music folders are hidden. All the image files in the RockJazz folders can be seen. I know the jpg files are not missing but just hidden becasue (a) The album art shows up on my CUI with some delay and (b) when I tried to save an image as Folder.jpg, I get a windows popUp message asking me whether I want to replace the existing folder.jpg.

(I also downloaded MeidaMonkey yesterday and setup an artwork panel on my interface. I do not know if this info is relevant. I do not know when the jpg files went into the hidden state, but they were there before CUI (may be 5 days ago)

Any ideas why this odd behavior and how to get back my album art to display in the folders?

Re: Cannot see Folder.jpg (album art) in my folders after CUI (Hidden)

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solved by  attrib -s -h Folde.jpg  /s  command in command prompt. (But please, someone who knows the computer stuff better tell me if I should "unhide" these or better to leave these hidden)

Some additional research indicated that Windows hides these files or makes some programs hide these files. That's what I read, do not know if it is true. (BTw, this did not happen when I was using Foobar GUI because then I added both my classical and RockJazz directories to MusicLibrary of foobar, but the folder.jpg files in RockJazz are not hidden. (Ltere, I ried CUI and there I specified only Classical as my music library. Later I also used Music monkey. Onl;y the Folder.jpg in all classical Cd folders got hidden).

In any case this solves this.. Just in case others run into this problem, first change your drive in cmd pompt to the music lbrary directory and then  issue this command.

so in my case the commands typed were:
Cd H:\Classical
attrib -s -h Folde.jpg  /s


Re: Cannot see Folder.jpg (album art) in my folders after CUI (Hidden)

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Hi there,

I found it better to use Front.jpg or Cover.jpg for my higher resolution cover arts. Folder.jpg are only supposed to be small 300x300 used for folder thumbnails. (Hard to say if it makes any difference in browsing speed in Windows Explorer, should they be several megabytes larger).

I know Windows Media Player will annoyingly auto-hide Folder.jpg, which was one of many reasons I ditched using it. Not sure about Media Monkey. I've never known foobar to touch them, and I doubt it would. In any case, there is no harm in making them visible as you have done. ;)


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