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low memory usage after stand-by!

This is really confusing.
As mentioned in previous topics, my configuration uses almost 2400 MB of RAM on start-up, which can only increase during usage. Lately I noticed that when foobar2000 is open for a few hours without running, memory consumption drops to 625 MB and it stays in that range even if I operate it. But if I restart foobar2000, it is back to the usual 2200-2300 MB.
A new configuration I'm working on, normally idles at 650 MB, but was only 11 MB this morning, after leaving foobar2000 open all night long.
Is this an expected behavior? Or is it my configuration? I had no idea it could even run within 600-700 MB, and it would be great if I could achieve this result from startup, but how? Where can I look into? What kind of tests can I make to explain this behavior and eventually reproduce it on start up?
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Re: low memory usage after stand-by!

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You may be looking at physical memory usage and observing the effect of Windows paging out things foobar2000 has in memory (because it has not accessed those things for some time).

If you're looking in Task Manager, you can add the Commit size column to get a more accurate figure for how much memory processes have allocated to them (regardless of whether it's been paged out or not).

(Also, at least in Windows 10 1809, the column titles have tooltips which give slightly more detailed descriptions of the columns.)

If you're using Process Explorer, you can get a similar figure from the Private Bytes column.

Re: low memory usage after stand-by!

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I see, I always forget about that distinction. I'll check the commit size next time. Thanks for pointing me in this direction.
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