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Re: Eole, a SMP/ColumnUI theme

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Is there a reason why search in the playlist only works on album name and not on artist name? Sometimes I know which artist I want to listen to but not the album yet so I want to be able to search for artist rather than album name.

Re: Eole, a SMP/ColumnUI theme

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Is there a way I can change the playcount to use the data gotten from the component enhanced playback statistics? if not, is there a part in the panel where I can place it's JSON field?

Re: Eole, a SMP/ColumnUI theme

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Hello~ Ottodix ! Thanks for making fantastic theme.

I have a little problem.
Background Wallpaper cover looks like resized at the Playlist panel.
How can I see wallpaper more clear?
Setting is like linked image. And left image is a original size cover file.

Re: Eole, a SMP/ColumnUI theme

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Hey Ottodix, :)

Would it be okay if I used your Playlist Manager (WSHsmoothplaylistmanager.js) script in my own DUI theme? - All I really want is to use custom image-based icons next to each playlist name...

I had a look at the original Smooth Playlist Manager (JSspm.js) sample script by Falstaff, but really I'm not skilled enough to integrate changes specific to that feature (playlist name = image). I think it easier to start with a working example in your script(s) and trim it down.


Re: Eole, a SMP/ColumnUI theme

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Sure, of course you can

Re: Eole, a SMP/ColumnUI theme

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Just installed this, and love it so far.
One thing I'm seeing and I haven't seen before, is a lot of question marks next to tracks. I know it's because they're missing track numbers, but I'm too lazy to go through hundreds of tags and start numbering tracks.

Is there any way that, instead of a question mark displaying, there can just be a blank space? See screenshot to see what I mean.
I also have a lot of tracks that are numbered '0' - I'd like to not see those as well, if possible. Is there a way to just disable the track no. feature in the playlist? I rarely have full albums, just tracks that have been ripped from old cds over the years, so having correct track numbers was never a priority, sadly.
Any help would be greatly appreciated -- thanks in advance!


Re: Eole, a SMP/ColumnUI theme

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That's fine with me -- thank you SO much for your efforts!

Re: Eole, a SMP/ColumnUI theme

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Hello! Is it possible to display playback queue number in playlist section? Something like this: ? If the image is too small just let me know and I'll figure something out.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Eole, a SMP/ColumnUI theme

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Hey guys!

Does anyone know how I can modify the info under the image? I would love to put the sample rate and bits per sample in the info next to the bit rate.


Re: Eole, a SMP/ColumnUI theme

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Get this when I swap to the "now playing" tab in Eole, after I had updated spider panel to the most recent release (1.4.1)
Code: [Select]
 itemValue[2] is undefined

File: WSHbiography.js
Line: 3903, Column: 21
Stack trace:

Re: Eole, a SMP/ColumnUI theme

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I just got back to using foobar after a longer break and found this theme. It's fantastic, I love it!

After fixing a grouping issue in the cover grid thanks to someone in this thread (Various Artists got split up), I am now wondering if it's possible to sort albums in cover grid by year using %originalyear%.

My files have all the necessary tags for this but when I put, for example, %albumartist%, %album%, and %originalyear% into "Custom titleformat" in the Sort By.. menu, the order gets all jumbled up. I dimly remember that I might have to use more complex syntax for this, but I really have no clue 💀

Could someone help me out? Thanks!

Re: Eole, a SMP/ColumnUI theme

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nice theme!

it seems remove the conditional expression will reduce flicker when resize the main window.
(and %COVERPANEL_SWITCH% seems not used at all?)

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