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DeaDBeeF 1.8.0

The new version of DeaDBeeF (1.8.0) came out a couple of weeks ago after almost three years at version 0.7.2.  Since I can't say it sounds better than something else, I'll just say have a listen and see if an irrational preference manifests.  :-X

Re: DeaDBeeF 1.8.0

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Unusable on OSX as it will only play from the first two outputs of a multoutput interface (i.e., channel 1+2 are used when my monitors are channels 49-50). It has no internal settings to change this and does not obey internal OSX settings.

It looks great, but a media player I can't listen too us no good.

Re: DeaDBeeF 1.8.0

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really want to try DeadBeaf 1.80 for macOS, but there's any ready build 1.80, I downloaded but shows from 2016, v1.0?

Do I need to complie myself using macOS xcode?

it seems a barebone simple player, I tried to download the plugins and copy the .so file to ~/.local/lib/, not working, how to embed plugins? Just want to have simple album art like this :

could anyone help?


Re: DeaDBeeF 1.8.0

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I can build it for you, and I usually supply my own extra plugins, including VGMStream.

E: No special reason to use my build anyway, the "About" dialog just doesn't show the correct version info relative to the real software version. It has always said "1.0". - Signed and notarized, hopefully still works.

Re: DeaDBeeF 1.8.0

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@kode54 thanks, tries your compiled version.
I was attracted to its saying be able to mimic foobar2000, but it seems to me a very simple player, still don't know how to embed plugins (e.g. file browser) , or activate the plugins (e.g. your VGMStream).

One of key feature of foobar2000 is customize the panel with multiple windows (artwork, playlist, search, sort by artist/album, etc.) and search online for album art or manually change, transcode to other format e.g. m4a to mp3 etc.

seems I am still far away to understand DeedBeef?

Re: DeaDBeeF 1.8.0

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Deadbeef is certainly built with the same look and feel as fb2000, but is currently somewhat simpler and has far fewer plugins.  However, Deadbeef can search online for album art (plugin supplied in the standard build), transcode (subject to having suitable decoder plugin and encoder software and called the converter), and customise the display window with different panes.  Album art is being extensively re-designed at the moment and I confess I don't know exactly what the state of play is in 1.8.  One of the big additions in this release is the replaygain scanner, but also a major rework of the audio streaming engine behind the scenes.  Most plugins are part of the core build (may not build without the correct development libraries installed), but there are also some third-party plugins available.   Opus was previously a third-party plugin, now there is one bundled, I'm guessing it should work in OSX.  It was developed initially for Linux, then Android, and now it is getting there for OSX.

Plugings shouldn't need to be activated as such.  If the shared object is present in the right location, it will be loaded at startup.  Then it will do whatever it does automatically, possibly subject to configuration settings.  Look in the preferences to see if the plugin is there.  You can also examine the log or run from the command line to see if the plugin is being found and if there are any errors from it.

If you're trying to configure the display, then you need to activate "design mode" from the menu and then right click (on Linux) to embed the various panes.  You use the splitter widgets to create more panes.

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