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Rockbox dev VM

Does anyone have a copy of the "Ubuntu VM - 2016"  from First Time Guide to Rockbox Development that can be uploaded? The link there does not work anymore.

A long time ago, I compiled a development version of Game_Music_Emu library from Gama for my Sansa mp3 player, with the option to enable surround sound effects.

I want to compile again with surround sound off effects disabled for turbografx, but I no longer have the VM.

Re: Rockbox dev VM

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Shoot, I forgot to migrate that when I left MIT.  I'm actually not sure if I have another copy handy and it looks like they deleted my storage. 

If you're running Windows 10, you can now install the build tools natively which is also relatively easy:

If not, we'll have to try and get an updated VM image setup.

Re: Rockbox dev VM

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Thanks for the reply Saratoga. I plan to setup a VM with Ubuntu 16.04 and build in that because I don't think the flyspray plugin will work on a recent Rockbox. I am going to compile the plugin for Rockbox b320bba-141210 (commit b320bba).

Re: Rockbox dev VM

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The rockboxdev script failed at some point during compilation on Ubuntu 16, probably because the OS is so old.

Anyhow, I managed to find an older Rockbox dev VM on the internet archive, and was successful in compiling the flyspray plugin.

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