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foo_quicksearch under wine


i am trying to get foo_quicksearch with foobar 1.3.12 running under wine. (also tried fooboar 1.4.3 - but the old version seems to run better in wine)
following the doku quicksearch needs the windows imaging component.
i installed this and the plugin loads. but as soon as i enter a letter in the search field, foobar crashes.

i would like to know if there are other dependencies and if someone has any experience on how to troubleshoot those wine issues,
i am ready to get my hands dirty.


Re: foo_quicksearch under wine

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better post in the official discussion thread to gain more attention ;)

i ran into the same problems with quicksearch some time ago and found out, that foobar's internal media library search already offers all that i needed.

good luck!

Re: foo_quicksearch under wine

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deactivate "autocomplete from history" in settings and it will not crash anymore

Re: foo_quicksearch under wine

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I had to turn of auto search (ie. so you press enter to search) for it to stop crashing.

Re: foo_quicksearch under wine

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1.6 and newer run just fine under Wine, so you'll probably have to figure out something that doesn't involve quicksearch if you want stable results.

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