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Re: A couple of questions about EAC

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IDK about CUETools, but AccurateRip ignores the last five frames
CTDB ignores the last ten frames. The additional frames are needed for CTDB to store multiple pressings in one record.,79882.msg704635.html#msg704635

If you consistently get issues with the last track,
? Both databases show Accurately ripped with confidence greater than one. Where's the issue?

Track 15

     Filename C:\EAC Rips\M83 - Before The Dawn Heals Us\15. Lower Your Eyelids To Die With The Sun.wav

     Peak level 99.2 %
     Extraction speed 4.5 X
     Track quality 100.0 %
     Test CRC 7F4C2F0D
     Copy CRC 7F4C2F0D
     Accurately ripped (confidence 8)  [376FAAE5]  (AR v2)
     Copy OK

[CTDB TOCID: QyehpT9amQu78VCKiP8z1_wkfX0-] found
Submit result: QyehpT9amQu78VCKiP8z1_wkfX0- has been confirmed
Track | CTDB Status
 15   | (  6/208) Accurately ripped, Spoiler (click to show/hide)


Re: A couple of questions about EAC

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Excellent explanation!
"Always account for the change."

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