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3-channel balanced amplifier under 600$

im lookin for a 3-channel balanced amplifier under 600$ preferably with a gain control knob

but not having it isnt a deal breaker

im currently using a set of 3 xli 800 from crown 1 for my fronts, centers, sides

but recently iv changed my layout an have found that its to much to have two centers in the new layout so im sellin 1 off to a cousin.

an now i have just 1 center running off a xli 800 on 1 channel instead of 2 an now i planin to add some rears
an i wonder if it be more efficient to buy a 3-channel balanced amplifier to run my left right an center

an shift the two xli 800 from runnin my front an centers to run my rears with 1 an 1 an a set of speakers in my computer room

so iv been tring to find an good 3-channel balanced amplifier for under 600$ but i cant find any so either they dont exist for that price or i dont know were to look.

please advice

sorry about the rant

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