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replaygain v2 under linux?

can you recommend an easy linux gui option for replaygain v2 (ebu r128) scanning?

for now i found out about these two programs, r128gain and loudness scanner, which seem to offer commandline usage only. so, does there yet exist audio-players or standalone tools for this task at all?

Re: replaygain v2 under linux?

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ebur128, another command line program.  There is ebumeter, but I think it only displays the loudness, not does replaygain.  You might search for other programs that have a dependency on libebur128.

Deadbeef has a new replaygain plugin based on the ebur128 library.  You might have to build it yourself, depending on the repos you have.

Re: replaygain v2 under linux?

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great, i was not aware of ddb_misc_replaygain_scan plugin for deadbeef, probably because the player did not see an update for a long time - so i went on searching for alternatives.

it currently seems limited to scan as single album only: treats all selected items as one album, but it sounds promising.

indeed, there is cantata (a qt client for mpd) in the repo, which has libebur128 as an opt dependency. i have no experience with mpd so far, but perhaps i should give it a try?

p.s.: i would be very interrested in a comparison of the calculated values: native linux scanner vs scanners for windows (foobar2000, for instance). are there any differences to be found?

Re: replaygain v2 under linux?

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yes, i know it is not defunct, but latest stable release 0.72 dates back to 2016/04/24.

Re: replaygain v2 under linux?

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[...] but latest stable release 0.72 dates back to 2016/04/24.
your religion not allow you to use release-condidate? drop it! welcome to matter-world! :)

Re: replaygain v2 under linux?

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information that is not reliable is a lie? a reproducing lie is a liar? don't believe liars.

Re: replaygain v2 under linux?

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The Deadbeef scanner should support scanning in three different ways:
- as single tracks;
- all selected tracks as an album;
- automatically as albums (by tags).

Try right clicking on tracks, not sure if other actions have all the available methods.  I haven't compared with Windows.  What's Windows?

Deadbeef for Linux has not been formally released recently, although there have been a lot of updates in the last couple of years.  Development has been more focussed on Android and iOS.

Re: replaygain v2 under linux?

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Author of r128gain here.

Do you need a GUI to tag audio files, or to view the loudness levels?

I don't know which file manager you are using, but once you have a command line tool that does the job, it is usually easy to control it from the file manager without opening a terminal.

For example with Nemo actions, you could add menu entries when right clicking a file/directory to add tags or view loudness.

Re: replaygain v2 under linux?

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i have tested deadbeef's plugin and it does what the website states:

Currently, only two actions are available:

    scan as single album: treats all selected items as one album
    remove replaygain info: self-explanatory

so, if you are going to scan your music archive in one rush, all selected files will be treated as one album.

the calculated rg values are identical with foobar's, for those interrested in.

@dutch109: a gui in general would be very welcome - an audioplayer even the better.

i will check out cantata when there is more time around.

Re: replaygain v2 under linux?

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Ah, that plugin has been merged into Deadbeef and developed a lot further:
you are probably right, but i had to copy over the plugin manually to get rg functionality (on rm click).

usually, i stick with repo versions, thus not being so aware of devel processes in general:

in many cases, this should be the latest stable build avaiable of a specific software and very up-to-date for most of the time.


Re: replaygain v2 under linux?

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so, i have tested cantata (with libebur128 opt dependency) and it only seems to offer replaygain playback functionality - at least i have not found a way to scan files?

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