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Alternative music device to apple

I just want a simple device with touchscreen and be able to transfer all my music from pc to device and be able to listen to it offline. I don't care about any other features. I've tried doing this with my ipod touch but itunes will not transfer ALL of my music and throws me annoying errors like: itunes cannot find this file or the file doesn't exist... so I end up with only a few tracks in each album.

Re: Alternative music device to apple

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You can just install another media player application on the iPod touch, one that provides its own means to transfer music bypassing iTunes with all its bugs. No need to buy a separate device just to avoid iTunes.

There are at least two apps that fit the criteria-
VLC - comes with easy-to-operate transfer-files-to-device tool
foobar2000 mobile (yeah yeah shameless plug of own program) - provides multiple ways to transfer your music library to the device.

If you really want a separate audio playback device other than the iPod Touch which you already own, any modern phone/tablet/etc out there should fit the criteria, having many media player apps to choose from.

Re: Alternative music device to apple

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I haven't had any trouble with iTunes and my iPod classic.    Sometimes I do "clean up" by deleting everything from the iTunes library and starting-over.  But, that's usually just because I may have corrected some tags or added some music and I may have forgotten to update iTunes.

The only thing I use iTunes for is to synch the iPod.   For now, I'm keeping the classic.   It's only used in my vehicles.   My cars have a dock/interface for it, and it has 160GB of storage and I'm using most of that.

Re: Alternative music device to apple

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I recommend an Android phone. It doesn't need to be the latest, greatest to be a great music player. Moving files to it is very simple (mount, paste, unmount) without any proprietary, imposed organization. If you search, you can find objectively conducted hardware tests regarding audio performance. is the one I usually check first.

I bought GoneMAD, which is great, but VLC and foobar2000 are also excellent.

Simple, dedicated music players are going away because the majority of consumers don't want to carry 2 devices around (phone and player). The only growth (that I can see) in dedicated music players are over-priced, audiophile units. They sometimes include a (supposedly) amazing-sounding DAC and headphone amplifer, etc. I find that for my true 'take it with you' audio, there is enough background noise (car, mass transit, etc) that I don't require any of those bells and whistles.

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