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H264-128kbit_AAC to Single tracks

I have this file on this format:
Q1.H264-128kbit_AAC) time 2:15.56
I would love to split it on tracks, please!
Q2. opus160k.we Time: same time
I would like to split it on single tracks as well, I have this file in those two format, But H264 hold Cover album information, so If I could possible to rip this file on single tracks?
I have installed CueTools v 2.1.6
Thank you

Re: H264-128kbit_AAC to Single tracks

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You won't be able to do this with CUETools. Maybe try ffmpeg.

Re: H264-128kbit_AAC to Single tracks

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What is the container format, those are video and audio codecs.

If mkv, it has many options for splitting :)

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