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Stream URL Server Type

I use foobar2000 to play many internet radio streams. Each stream begins with a group of header lines and many header values are available for display as listed in "Title Formatting Syntax Reference". For example %codec%, %bitrate%. But I cannot find the stream's server type there. Nor can I see it in the "properties" context menu for a stream. Am I missing it?

Is it possible to add the "Server:" value into the properties display, or maybe into the title field list? Either location is fine for me. I  just need to discover the value somehow. (Winamp does/did provide this information)

A typical header is like,
Server: Icecast 2.4.0-kh8

Or perhaps there is some other approach?


Re: Stream URL Server Type

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Feature request noted, a future update will add this.

Re: Stream URL Server Type

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Than you so much for your quick response.
I look forward to seeing the update.

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