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I must be blind or just plain stupid

I have the Windows 10 app installed (foobar2000 mobile) on a tablet and a desktop computer as well as the Android app on my phone and have added my media server from home to them all and it works beautifully. I am trying to install the desktop version to the tablet and the desktop computers so I can use some themes etc, which I get working just fine. How in the world do I add my home foobar media server to the desktop version of foobar? Is there a component or something? I add a location but it does not help. I feel like I am definitely missing something.

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Re: I must be blind or just plain stupid

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Perhaps this may help, I have a NAS box as drive "N:\" in Windows 10 (mapped) with sub folders such as SACD, DSD etc or however you like.  I simply open Foobar and choose Add Folder.  if there's a large FLAC or similar (entire CD) then I just right click the CUE file and (using Enqueue in Foobar 2000) all the tracks load effortlessly into the playlist.  I've not used "Add A Location" as the folder method works just fine.

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