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Album List search issue


my full library contains approximately 600k records (over 35 years of live recordings).

When I use the search option of Album List I am getting in troubles because the "application" start immediately searching for the pattern as I type in something.
This brings my PC to starvation and Foobar freezes for 30 seconds or more. Practically, I cannot use this search feature.

Question: is there any option to instruct Album List to start searching only when I have fully typed in the search string?
In other words, can I stop this default behavior?

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Re: Album List search issue

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Yes, please add an optional Ok button to the search function. I've asked about this on the wishlists topic, and it has been brought up in the past. The effort "saved" from not having to press enter is insignificant. I don't think any increased typing delay would resolve the problem completely, when Foobar is unresponsive after being minimized for a long time, and it has to load data from disk. I run into this problem when I mistype a character trying to be fast.

Re: Album List search issue

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Feature request noted, this has to be indeed annoying. In meanwhile, regular media library search should be asynchronous and behave gracefully - start searching while still typing without stalling the application.

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