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Foobar2000 Crashes

I recently started idling foobar for days at a time.  I noticed that after say 12 hours I would find it consuming %40 CPU resources and close to 4GB of memory.  Later I noticed it would crash.  I was running version 1.3.17 so I decided to update to 1.4.2.  The issue persists.

I renamed all of the .dll files .bac and reinstalled foobar.  Now foobar barely lasts an hour.  I attached a copy of the console log.  I'll make a few more logs and see if there is something in my library causing the problem.

Anyone know what could be the issue?  I wouldn't be surprised if reopening Foobar and letting it scan through would fix the issue.

My music library is about 3.07TB
Dual core AMD Opteron 180
Windows 7 ultimate SP1 (x64)

Re: Foobar2000 Crashes

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If the process runs out of memory it can't do anything but crash. You should not add zip files or any other archives to media library. Scanning them is very slow and consumes a lot of memory. In this case too much.

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