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PlayList Position

Hi, I'm new to Foorbar2000 and my first impressions are good. Thanks for the good software.

My question:
I want to have only 3 things on GUI:

Top: Menu
Middle: Simple Playlist
Bottom: Play control buttons

I was able to achieve:

Top: Menu
Middle: Play control buttons
Bottom: Simple Playlist

but could not put the play control buttons under the playlist. Is there a way to achieve that?

Re: PlayList Position

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Hi there,

Yes, just put a Toolbar Header in your layout for buttons, and narrow the Splitter to the toolbar height. You can right-click a toolbar for options.


Re: PlayList Position

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Can you help me how to do that? Dragging the splitters changes positions of buttons, menu, track scollbar etc. but not the playlist. Tabbed control (playlist) is not effected; also it does not have a splitter. You can see my tool bar right click result in the image. I couldn't figure it out.

Re: PlayList Position

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I meant in Layout Editing Mode. (Actually do not need a splitter as Toolbar Headers can be bottom-docked)

  • View menu > Layout > Enable Layout Editing Mode (to switch on)
  • Right-click on your Tab (named "all") > Cut UI Element
  • Left-click the empty space > select Toolbar Header > OK
  • Right-click the empty space > Paste UI Element
  • Right-click the Toolbar Header > select 'Bottom-docked'
  • Right-click the Toolbar Header > select 'Buttons' (etc)

When finished editing layout -
  • View menu > Layout > Enable Layout Editing Mode (to switch off)

Edit: Then right-click the original (top) toolbar and de-select everything to remove it, if you like.

Interestingly having a toolbar above the status bar creates a double grey line - just a bit of a visual nuisance. YMMV.

Cheers :-\

Re: PlayList Position

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Wow.. Thank you very much, this is just what I needed  :)

One note to the one that designed the behavior of the Play and "Playback/Previous" buttons. They do not work the way that all other players do. However your buttons work just the way it should be. I wish you have designed my car's radio :)


Re: PlayList Position

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Happy to help :)

How do other Play / Previous buttons work? (You can customize the buttons to any menu item).

Re: PlayList Position

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Well as far as I can see:

Other Players:
Previous button --> go to previous track only if you are very close to the start of the track you are listening to, otherwise go to beginning of the playing track. (My car's radio, MusicBee, and I believe Windows Media Player used to work like that, but I've checked latest version is working the way I wanted)
Play button --> Play/Pause

Your Buttons:
Previous button --> Go to previous track (what I expect from a previous button: just go to the previous track!)
Play button --> If playing, play from the beginning of the track. If paused, play where you have paused.
Pause button --> Others usually combine this button with play for simplicity. I think your way is more simple. Pause button == pause or resume if paused.

Also your player window location, size and the last track being played and time are remembered, which is great. Especially for the ones who listen to audio books. Well done.

Also I have more than 12000 music files in the playlist, and it opens instantly. Windows Media Player needs almost one minute to initiate this list which are all in an SSD.


Re: PlayList Position

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I see. Yes, I prefer the Previous button this way, too. And there is a Play/Pause menu command available, but the toolbar icons do not change to reflect the current state. (A wishlist'd item). Although, the default Play/Pause icons DO change when hovering the windows taskbar button, but NOT if you customize them.

^ A nothing inconsistency that is probably too far down the wishlist. :D

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