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EAC+FLAC error - strange %source% value

Sorry if this problem has already been discussed, but my usage of Google found me nothing, so...
On "Test & Copy Selected Tracks - Compressed" command EAC creates WAV-file with the proper name in the target directory and then says "The external compressor returned an error!"; the command line displayed is
Code: [Select]
-6 -V (a bunch of -T "param=value") "[tmp--658.wav" -o "[tmp--658.flac"
The thing is, I can't find such files in TEMP folder and it doesn't make much sense anyway. FLAC command line ends with
Code: [Select]
%source% -o %dest%
so I think something is wrong with the order of operations - compressor-related code assumes WAV is created as a temporary, but WAV-reading code thinks it should go into the target folder. Anyway, I'm at loss about how to make this work properly (or why it broke in the first place).

(EAC version is 1.0 beta 3 from August 2011, in "Compression options" options "Delete WAV" and "check return code" are checked, "Test encoder" works OK)

Re: EAC+FLAC error - strange %source% value

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Try with "Additional command-line options" set only to %source% just to see if working.  If you are ripping to a network location, that can cause issues.  Rip to your local machine and copy over later.

You don't need "-6" nor "-o %dest%" in your commandline if using latest version of EAC.

Re: EAC+FLAC error - strange %source% value

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[tmp--658.wav & [tmp--658.flac are normal temporary files and would be created in the destination folder during the compression process. With your settings the wav file is deleted and the flac renamed after successful exit of the encoder.

EAC > EAC Options > Tools tab
Do you have 'Convert BMP image files automatically to JPG' checked? (recommend: checked)
late edit: after changing the setting you may need to clear the current bmp image and get new CD information from the metadata provider to convert the image.   

Re: EAC+FLAC error - strange %source% value

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This is strange. "Convert to JPEG" option was checked. Unchecked it, checked, reloaded cover.
Copying tracks works without problems now.
Thanks for the help.

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