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Moving items on playlist issue under windows 10

Hi Guys.

I have come across a couple of strange issue with foobar recently. I am after a fresh install of Windows 10. And I have just installed latest foobar - version 1.4.2 and the installation went fine. However I have these issues:

- I can't move items on the playlist - when I add songs to the playlist and then I try to select and drag them up or down - nothing happens - they are only highlighted but I can't move them.
- I can't drag and drop items from the media library - whether this is an album folder or a single song. For instance: I open + sign next to the album and then try to drag the song into the playlist and nothing happens.
- Also previously on Windows 7 - I could convert a file and then drag the file from the window which displayed the converted file - now nothing.
- I noticed some duplicate items - I add the album to the playlist and there are doubled songs - but when I try to open the source folder of the doubled item the option is greyed out.

I tried to also install the version I used on windows 7 machine - 1.3.3 - same effect.
I tried to install portable version - also no change with regards to moving items on playlist.
I tried to open foobar in compatibility mode for Windows 7 or even Windows XP - nothing changed

And finally, which is really weird, today I installed foobar 1.4.2 on my company laptop with Windows 10 and the first point of the list works like a charm - so I really do not get it. My company laptop seems to have more restrictions then my personal computer.

I would appreciate any hint as to how to solve this.

Thank you.

Re: Moving items on playlist issue under windows 10

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It's a bug with Windows and foobar2000, when using a desktop scale other than 100%. Or possibly multiples of 100%. I can't say I've experienced it with 200%, though.

Re: Moving items on playlist issue under windows 10

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Thank you for the answer. Unfortunately, it is a Windows 10 bug. I figured it out that (for me at least) it is connected with the feature update that changed the release version of my Windows from 1803 to 1809 - when I went back to 1803 version everything started to work. So for now I am safe.

Most importantly, on this 1809 version, I could not move (drag) items on playlist also on Spotify app or Aimp. So once again Windows made it worse.

Re: Moving items on playlist issue under windows 10

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It's a bug with Windows and foobar2000, when using a desktop scale other than 100%.

Ugh, thanks for that hint. What a nasty thing... for me, dropped playlist items were always dropping the bottom of the list, possibly being duplicated in the process. So for now, the work around seems to be: "reorder the playlist only on a screen with desktop scale set  to 100%".

Re: Moving items on playlist issue under windows 10

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I ran into the same problem. In my case the issue occurred when using dual displays - a laptop with an extra monitor. And neither scaling was set to 100%. One was 125%, another 150%. The problem would occur only on one of the displays, as if it was caused by the scaling being different from the other. Whenever I set BOTH to either 125 or 150 percent, it worked fine on both again.

More details in the original thread where I asked for help: - long story short, latest foobar (1.4.3), latest Windows (v1809 b17763.379).

This may be a Windows 10 bug, but it doesn't affect every single app with drag'n'drop support. Maybe it depends on what API or formula an app uses for calculating coordinates or something. I know scaled displays can be tricky; I remember Android Studio struggled with a scale-related bug throughout several versions, and it would go back and forth for a long time due to regressions.

(By the way, frustrated by this to no end, I tried out several alternatives to foobar. I haven't done this for years, always happy with foobar, so I thought there could have been some major technological advancement among the competition. Sweet Jesus. One app choked straight away on indexing my sizeable collection (and you can't even play a single song until it finishes). Another widely praised app offers a bazillion of fancy skins, but finding one where searchable / filterable folder structure could be located side by side with the playlist proved impossible. The best I could find was a wasteful three-pane layout split into structure, search results and playlist columns. A few others weren't really deserving of a comment. It's amazing how low quality software we've got out there.)

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