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Foobar Mobile Media Server Issue

Using the UPnP streaming feature, my phone only displays the top 100 songs in each "playlist". I've looked through both settings thoroughly on the mobile app and my computer library, but can't find a way to remove the cap. Under the FTP server settings I'm using the default 2100 port, if it helps, and have it set to "share the entire library". Don't have a profile or password set up so it can't be that.

PS: I know there's a 100 song cap of sorts because under the Context Menu it'll say for example: All music, 100 tracks. I have way more music than that in the main library but no idea on how to eliminate the cap.

Re: Foobar Mobile Media Server Issue

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Re: Foobar Mobile Media Server Issue

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FTP settings are not in any way related to UPnP, not sure why you mention them.

What software does your UPnP server run?

Re: Foobar Mobile Media Server Issue

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Oops I thought FTP might've had something to do with connecting to the Media Server in the app.

As for software, I'm using the standard UPnP component for foobar and connecting it to my Android device via a local network. Looking deeper, it seems that there's a 100 item cap for everything under the Media Server, ie Playlists and Media Library categories. Everything loads and streams just fine over the network; it's just this one issue. I'm using the latest 1.1.26 version of the app, but then again this could be an issue on my side.

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Bug confirmed and fixed for the next update, thanks for reporting.

Subscribe to the beta test if you want to be among the first to get the fixed version-


Re: Foobar Mobile Media Server Issue

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Thanks, looking forward to the update!

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