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Windows 10 Lock Screen Display


In somewhat recent versions of Foobar2000 I've noticed that the playback status and some basic controls like play/pause and skip would be displayed on the Windows 10 lock screen. In Foobar 1.4.2 this doesn't seem to be working anymore.

Does anybody know if this was removed or is now an option somewhere? It was really useful, as opposed to unlocking the device to make changes. I did take a peek at the Windows 10 lock screen settings but the software wasn't listed as an option (not that I ever turned it on originally).

Any help appreciated.

Re: Windows 10 Lock Screen Display

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It's now disabled by default because it was causing issues for some users (
Go to Preferences > Advanced > Display, and enable 'Integrate with Windows 10 Universal Volume Control'.
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Re: Windows 10 Lock Screen Display

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Many thanks for the swift reply.


Re: Windows 10 Lock Screen Display

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Shinsekai, I created an account on the forum just to thank you for this! It's exactly what I needed for a laptop that I'm usually using just for music. I can't leave it unlocked permanently, but I hate having to log in every time I wanted to pause. Foobar2000 is amazing.

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