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Upnp/DLNA no longer functions after Microsoft Update of Windows 10


A few days ago, Microsoft remotely installed an update to Windows 10 on my computer. Yesterday, when I installed FB2K, it would not accept the UPnP Media Render Output. It will appear to install, but is not functional. The UPnP Media Render Output is listed under the Library>Configure>Components tab, but does not show under Library>Configure>Components>Tools entry. There is no UPnP browser or controller shown under View. I have a friend who is also trying to install FB2K on a Windows 10 machine that was recently updated remotely by Microsoft. He is having the same problem I am having.

I have been researching off and one for two days and came across this advice on turning on the Windows 10 services listed below. I have turned all of them  but without resolving the problem. Services are:
   - Function Discovery Provider Host
   - Function Discovery Resource Publication
   - SSDP Discovery
   - UPnP Device Host

Any help would be most appreciated!

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