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Anti-Acoustic Fingerprinting

How to combat ubiquitous ACR
auto-content-recognition weapon-tech?

What are the known tools
for special audio processing?

Re: Anti-Acoustic Fingerprinting

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I don't understand what you're asking...    The only way to stop someone from making a fingerprint of your file is to keep your file private.   

Re: Anti-Acoustic Fingerprinting

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I think what they're asking is how to defeat acoustic fingerprint recognition. For things like uploading copyright protected content to services like YouTube without getting it blacklisted or demonetized.

Re: Anti-Acoustic Fingerprinting

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I think you could defeat those by simply playing the music by yourself and use those recordings.

Re: Anti-Acoustic Fingerprinting

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You can defeat this by going to the RIAA office and showing them your pirated pirate flag.  It's not like you'll leave in handcuffs and spend time in jail.

You could avoid this by simply using something that isn't copyrighted or check with the owner of the work to see what kind of use is allowed.

Re: Anti-Acoustic Fingerprinting

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yeah riiight kode54,
without being demonized.

based on other comments i
can proclaim you suck so much..

yeah the pirates of the high sea..
it's called filesharing after all.
& sharing is good, it promotes
higher moral values & ideals in any
community worthy of mentioning.

this isn't about politics after all,
purely prof-tech inquiry .

the question is how to reverse
this evil chromaid fingerprinting
while still retaining the
acceptable quality of music.
scrambling essentially..

how about these suckers are
gonna apply the same weapon-tech
to voice rocognition in the cellular or what not
networks & fingerprinting each & everyone of us.

for our fucking protection of course from ourselves..

Re: Anti-Acoustic Fingerprinting

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If you want to learn about acoustic fingerprinting, it's not hard to look up information on how it works and how various services implement it.

Certainly that would be a better idea than ask on a forum with a very strict policy against discussion of copyright infringement and circumvention of protection mechanisms. While that may be legal in your country, it's not legal in the US where this forum is based. It is legal in my country, with certain caveats (we can break DRM if it's necessary for playback, but not for copying to others). However that does not grant me exception from HA's rules and ToS to discuss these subjects here, so I won't do that, even though I have keen interest in the subject and am very much against DRM and similar technologies on a personal level.

I hope you understand what I mean. While it is a very interesting subject, it can also cause liability issues for people hosting said discussions.

Re: Anti-Acoustic Fingerprinting

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forum with a very strict policy against discussion of copyright infringement and circumvention of protection mechanisms.
is that so hmmm.  i wasn't aware of that.  i was
under impression it's for tech audio geeks. anyway,
that's how i remember this community from back them years.

thanks for your input though!

so even discussion can be illegal
is that what you're implying?

Re: Anti-Acoustic Fingerprinting

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"TOS 9. All members must refrain from posting links to -- or information regarding how to obtain -- material that is copyrighted and being distributed without authorization or is otherwise illegal.  Discussion containing information of how to obtain such material, how to bypass protection methodologies of such material, or how to otherwise violate laws pertaining to such matters will not be tolerated."

Whether discussion is strictly illegal is up to interpretation, but there may be a liability issue if a circumvention method is discussed, and then later used for copyright infringement that results in legal action. Considering the possible costs, it's probably best to play it safe.

Re: Anti-Acoustic Fingerprinting

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i see.. that's
too bad tho(

btw, this ain't law.
just mere legislation.

the diff is -- legislation
puts some above the law
& others below.

true law aka Lex is 4 everyone.
no matter if your are an emperror
or a just a fellow next door.


Re: Anti-Acoustic Fingerprinting

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Sure you must be talking like that
because your inet connection hasn't
been blacklisted & firewalled -- just yet.

Like these f isp control freak minions
of the authoritarian regime in charge have
been messing up with my network routes.

They just sort of claim -- me, my network routes
my online activity. Telling me what  i should do
online or offline or shouldn't.
On top of that they want -- me to pay
for  having such 'life' experience.

It's all fun & play for you i see.
Them fucking "laws" & regulations
& tos & whatnot policies.

Not for me though,
when all of sudden today
i can't access my fav irc server
or a bunch of other innocent websites,
dozens in fact which have never been
even 'officially' blacklisted
by the regime..

Just wait while they begin
to voice fingerprint us all as some
sort of caged beasts of burden
if that isn't being done already..

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