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Album list

I tried to add two network devices (USB keys) to my unique album list.
When I go to Preferences, Fb2K tells me both devices are monitored, but none of them appears in the album list.
If I double click on a title in Windows(7) Explorer, it works fine.
I 'm using the very latest stable version (1.4.1) of Fb2K.
Thanks for any ideas,

Re: Album list

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Perhaps a silly question but do you have music files on the USB drives? Album list doesn't show locations, it shows media library contents formatted in chosen way.

Re: Album list

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Silly questions are those you don't ask!
My USB drives only contain music files, and, as I said, I can double click on those from within Explorer, and they play fine.
Thanks anyway,

Re: Album list

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Hi there,

A few more questions then. When you say your "unique" album list, are you referring to the default Album List component that displays the library? If so, what do your Album List view settings look like? (Have you changed them from defaults?) Have you tried viewing by folder structure?

Before that though, you might try to rescan the USB drives. With the drive(s) plugged in, go to Library menu > Configure > under Music Folders > right-click the USB path and 'Rescan now'. The status column should change to 'Pending...' or 'Initializing...'

If there be music, it should find them. It might take a few minutes as USB drives are slower.

Also make sure the music folders are not "hidden" in Windows Explorer - when you right-click a folder > Properties, the 'Attribute: Hidden' check box should be clear. Look at a few parent folders if not album folders to make sure. Alternatively, foobar has an option in Advanced Preferences to include hidden folders when scanning. (I forget where exactly, under Tools?)

So, er, probably best to check these things in the reverse order that I mentioned them in! ;D

Also note the latest stable foobar is 1.4.2.

Cheers :)


Re: Album list

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I've tie/checked all of that.
I give up.
Tank you all.

Re: Album list

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You don't really explain what the actual problem is. But depending on your album list view settings you may for example not see tracks that don't have tags.

Re: Album list

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This my situation:
I have two panes:
- the left one contains a single album list (a single tab), organised by folder structure, without filter.
 - the right one displays the playlists (one tab per playlist)
When I add to the album list a folder located on a local device (hard disk or USB key), the folder is monitored and everything plays fine (with or without tags).
When I add a folder located on a network device  (a USB key on a NAS), Foobar pretends the folder is monitored, but it doesn't appear in the album list.
I repeat the files on the network device are read OK if I double-click on them from within Windows Explorer.
I do not see how to better explain the problem, as I am just an end user.
J -J

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Do your files or directories perhaps start with a dot (.) character? That can be interpreted as hidden on linux based NAS drives and media library excludes hidden files by default.

Are there no errors mentioned on the foobar's console?

Have you tried adding just your NAS mounted USB drive to the media library without anything else to see that nothing from the device really gets added? You can see everything in media library by opening "Library" -> "Search" and type "ALL".

Can you select a sample file from the problem device in Explorer, hold shift while right clicking the file, and click "Copy as path". Then paste the copied path here.

Re: Album list

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Hi Case,
It is so kind of you trying to solve my problem, but it is not worth it.
I have just bought a 256GB USB key which easily contains all of my music and more.
It is inserted in my PC.
Thank you again,

Re: Album list

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Hi! Clean installed FB2K 1.5.1 on Win 10 latest update with external HDD stored Music files, previously used exclusively with FB2K.
Quick setup (black&white), and I have two panes:
- the left one contains a single album list (a single tab), organised by folder structure, filter's empty.
- the right one displays the playlists.
After adding the music folder from the HDD, all the tracks (in the folder) are continuously showing in the Playlist pane. Album List pane is empty though.
Click on Library->Album list: pane FLASHES 2 times in BLUE(same in all further attempts), and comes empty still. I did variations of it several times, but did not roll back to previous versions.
Please share ideas on what may be the case. Thanx!

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