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Android Playback when Screen Turns Off (Bluetooth/headphone jack)

This is an ongoing issue with the android app, specifically on my Samsung Galaxy S10 via bluetooth or headphone jack. When hoping in my car, my phone will connect and begin playing from the foobar app... only while the screen is unlocked.

After the screen times out, foobar pauses and stops playing.
When picking up the phone again, the screen tuns back on (still locked) and begins playing again.
Unlocking to the main app, pressing the main "play" button to pause and restart the song doesn't resolve the issue.
The only way to get the app to play while the screen is locked and off is to pause and then play from the pull down menu or lock screen menu.

Issue happens plugged into my headphone jack directly to my IEMs, or connected to any Bluetooth device. Tried it with 2 different cars (Subaru and Nissan) and bluetooth speakers (Fluance).

edit - To be clear, this doesn't happen with other apps: google music, spotify, pandora


Re: Android Playback when Screen Turns Off (Bluetooth/headphone jack)

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A mobile/Android version of fb2k has a separate site and forum:
You'll be more likely to receive an answer there.

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