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Replicate Foobar

I've set up Foobar to convert wav into a variety of CBR and VBR mp3 formats, and place the mp3s into appropriately labeled folders. I now need to set up Foobar in exactly the same way on two new PCs, and would prefer to avoid starting from scratch each time. Is there a way to replicate the existing Foobar installation on the two new PCs?

Re: Replicate Foobar

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All the goodies are in the foobar2000 folder in your application data folder. Just copy everything to the appropriate AppData/FB2k folder on the other PCs.

Typing %appdata% into Explorer's address bar should take you to it.

The encoders might be in an encoders folder where fooobar2000 is installed.


Re: Replicate Foobar

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