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software to detect gaps inside audio files


I have come across a badly ripped audio files that contained gaps with absolute silence instead of sound - as a result of bad CD ripping I suppose - I guess the software was configured to fill unreadable portions with silence.

Now I managed to configure Goldwave in its Auto CUE option to actually detect this faulty portions by setting Below threshhold to -90 dB and minimum length to 0.1 s. Seems that it works.

Can this process be automated so that I do not have to open every single audio file in Goldwave and get an information that there is absolute silence within a batch of audio files?


Re: software to detect gaps inside audio files

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I have just found out that FFMPEG can detect silence using ffmpeg -i "Song.flac" -af silencedetect=n=-90dB:d=0.1 -f null -

But I guess I still need to see the waveform to analyse what is going on exactly. So Goldwave?

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