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Topic: New NCSF and QSF (foo_input_*) components causing trouble. (Read 360 times) previous topic - next topic
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New NCSF and QSF (foo_input_*) components causing trouble.

I just updated a buch of components, and there seems to be something wrong with foo_input_ncsf  and foo_input_qsf.

As long as either or both of these two are present, a random group of other components will fail to load, between one or three each time I start foobar2000: Other exotic inputs, the verifier, comparer, regular inputs, DSPs... it seems everything can fail, and in tens of attempts I've done, one after another, not once did no component fail. It's always two or three, sometimes just one. The only way to avoid failures now seems to be removing these two from the user-components folder.

Hopefuly not something too hard to correct.

Thanks for the continued development.

Re: New NCSF and QSF (foo_input_*) components causing trouble.

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Yes, the correction is that I change all of my components to use the dynamic runtime and force everyone to upgrade to foobar2000 1.4. Very simple.

Re: New NCSF and QSF (foo_input_*) components causing trouble.

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OK, I'm confused by both anwers.

@kode54 I am already using the latest foobar version, I'm even updating to the betas when they come out. That means I'm on 1.4.2 now. So not being up to date can't be the reason why it's failing. Plus, it's not those two that are failing, but that, by elimination, they seemed to cause OTHERS to fail.
Maybe it's something else, I don't know anymore. The thing is I updated foobar and everything seemed to be fine. And then I updated the components (not adding new ones, just updating), and next time I started the player, I get load failures.

@Rollin well, yes, I do have plenty of components, but I had the exact same number before the update and all of them loaded just fine then. I repeat, I didn't add NEW components, I just updated the existing ones, and through the built-in update functionality.
Also, if it's a limitation of slots, why is it that, in each start, not only different components fail, but also a different number of them?

I'll review the components I have and I'll try to see if I can do away with some, but it's going to be hard.
Even if I seldom use some of them, uninstalling pretty much means loosing track of them due to the way the process works.

Re: New NCSF and QSF (foo_input_*) components causing trouble.

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force everyone to upgrade to foobar2000 1.4.

Why not though?  Where is fb2k 1.3.x better than 1.4.2?

Also, it's possible to build a component that's compatible with foobar2000 1.3 and dynamically linked to MSVC runtime (of course, it will work with fb2k 1.3 only if MSVC redist is installed in the system).

Re: New NCSF and QSF (foo_input_*) components causing trouble.

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I suppose it's going to be related to the 1.4.x runtime thing saving FLS slots or whatever.
The thing is, yesterday, there was an update to foo_input_gsf, which, after updating, kept asking for updates, I guess because the internal version it reported was not changed or something like that. At this point, I still had some components failing to load.
Today, foo_input_gsf finally updated properly, and now I don't have any load failures anymore.
I suppose I should still look into removing some posible leftover fluff, but, at least for now, everything is running smoothly.

I'm still puzzled by the answers you gave me before and that you haven't acknowledged the followups, but whatever...
Thanks to all involved, with whatever it is that you did.

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