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Having Strange Issues with Audio...

I’ve been recording music on my laptop, and I’ve been using Audacity to add the final touches to my recordings. However, there is one issue I’ve noticed with one of the tracks I’ve made. The sound seems to be “higher” than it should be according to the program. This is based on how it visually appears. It also seems that there is a hissing sound during silence at the end of the song, although my microphone wasn’t running during that time. The other song, which does not have vocals yet, does not have this issue. What should I do to correct this, if it even needs a correction? Unfortunately, I cannot take direct screenshots because the WiFi on my computer is currently not working. However, I will attach pictures from my phone. Thanks!


Re: Having Strange Issues with Audio...

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You have a problem with DC bias, this can be cause by various devices (normally by the DAC, a preamp or a mixer).

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