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add freq scale to spectrogram?

Would it be possible to add a y-axis scale to the spectrogram in some future fb2k version? Spectrum's got one, VU meter's got one. It'd be really useful for judging what frequencies various encoders chop off. Without a scale it's pretty hard to guess (in both log and linear scales).



Re: add freq scale to spectrogram?

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With the bottom end cut off the spectrogram is more visually appealing in a player. At normal FFT sizes the bottom end is large ugly interpolated pixels, or the top turns into long streaks when FFT is increased. I hope the spectrogram can be made "multi-resolution" where the low end extension is analyzed with a bigger FFT and combined into the same picture (like in Izotope RX but with fewer "steps" for performance). But I have no clue how hard this is to do. If you do add a scale, make it barely visible (just a few dots or font color without much contrast against the background).

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