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ReplayGain & Shuffle


I'm currently running a radio station which comprises around 2000 tracks, all with varying volume levels. We add in around 100 new tracks a month. Currently play the tracks with the random playback mode (not sure whether shuffle is better!)

After user feedback asking for the levels to be balanced better between the tracks, we looked into using ReplayGain to fix.

This has been done with the following settings:

and by selecting the whole playlist in foobar, scanning by album (with tags) and then updating the tags.

One thing to remember is that there aren't many full albums in this playlist, but more say 10 songs on average from an artist. Not sure whether that was the right scan to use.

If anyone could let me know if this looks good, that'd help ease my mind!

Thank you :)

Re: ReplayGain & Shuffle

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Yes, this is fine. You do realize that by selecting "apply gain" you are actually modifying the audio of the files themselves.  If your player can read and apply replaygain tags, you don't actually need to "apply gain".

EDIT: I misinterpreted your picture. You scanned and added RG tags (correct).  Now you're telling Foobar2000 to apply those tags upon playback (or use the -6db if RG tags don't exist).  This is correct. So this should work well for you.

Also, you can add new tracks to the playlist without selecting all 2000 files and adding replaygain again.  Just add replaygain track tags to the new files.  Replaygain is not adjusting the volume of the songs in the playlist against each other.  Rather, RG is adjusting the volume of tracks relative to an external standard level.

Re: ReplayGain & Shuffle

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I'd run a Track Gain scan rather than an Album Gain scan. Album Gain is designed to adjust every track of an album by the same amount so their relative volumes don't change. The Album will be adjusted to the target volume as a whole, as though it's a single audio file. Therefore if you scan your whole playlist that way....
Track Gain adjusts the individual files to the same target volume on playback. Track and Album Gain are two separate scans. You can't (for example) select "Track" as the method for adjusting the volume if you've only run an Album Gain scan.

There's no reason why you can't keep the existing info, but I'd be using the ReplayGain right click menu to remove all the existing ReplayGain information, and then run a fresh Track Gain scan on all your files.

Re: ReplayGain & Shuffle

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I believe he did run a RG track scan (to add TRACK RG tag values).  Then in foobar2000, he's using playback settings of "track". (from his picture).   (running the scan for albums(by tags) only matters to the extent he is also adding ALBUM RG tags at the same time (as these would differ by album). 

Re: ReplayGain & Shuffle

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I dunno.... I got the impression he only Album scanned everything as he only mentioned an Album scan. Not that it matters if he also ran a Track scan. I guess we'll find out if he returns.

Re: ReplayGain & Shuffle

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Album scan also writes track gain values. It's the best scan option pretty much always.

Re: ReplayGain & Shuffle

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Album scan also writes track gain values. It's the best scan option pretty much always.

Well .... I stand corrected and completely wrong. Obviously I almost never run an Album Gain scan as I wasn't aware of that, or I was aware at some stage, but I've forgotten. :(

Re: ReplayGain & Shuffle

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Yep, I always run the RG scan based on albums (by tags) and write both Album and Track RG tags to my files.  Then I can use either track or album gain for playback. I like the "by playback order" RG mode in foobar2000. This automatically uses TRACK RG value if playing tracks from different albums, but uses ALBUM RG value if playing two or more tracks back to back from the same album (to preserve intra-album volume differences that were intended).  Best of both situations.


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