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Utter noob issue -- audio line-in related

Hey everyone,
Very new to foobar here. I've been setting up a twitch stream recently and essentially everything is fine. I use nightbot (a separate music player) to play music and Plane9 (which hears my desktop audio) to give me a spectrum visualization. I ultimately capture Plane9's visual spectrum in OBS and onto my twitch stream. It's nifty.

However, I would like to replace Plane9 with Foobar's Spectrum. The only catch here is that I couldn't find any way to get Foobar to "listen" to my desktop audio and route that audio to its visualizer.

I'm wondering if there's any way at all to do this?

I apologize if i'm posting this on the wrong forum category and for the lack of a tl;dr

I would greatly appreciate the help!


Re: Utter noob issue -- audio line-in related

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Thanks for the suggestion mate,

I installed foo record into my components and I'm not entirely sure how to engage with the record function. There doesn't seem to be a record button anywhere and I can only find some basic sample rate settings in the advanced tab on the preferences menu.

How do you get it to work? o_O

Re: Utter noob issue -- audio line-in related

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File->Add location->record://
I don't know how Plane9 works, but with fb2k for what you want to do you also need virtual sound card or you can physically connect output from you sound card with input. Note that foo_record will take input from device that is set as default recording device in Windows audio settings.

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