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Noob Question - MIDI Output from Foobar to control Fairground Organ


I'm looking for some help with Foobar to see if what I am trying to do is possible. Go gentle on my incompetence and lack of knowledge - as you'll see below I'm more used to technology from the 19th Century! Not sure quite where to post this so if I'm in the wrong place perhaps a mod could move it for me, please?

I am working with a friend on his fairground organ - an instrument used in the 1890s-1940s to play music on fairgrounds operating on pneumatic pressure and punch cards. The organ has had a MIDI player system added which runs from a floppy disk reader. We've had a few issues with the floppy disks and have backed them up onto the PC and are attempting to play the organ via the PC as in this video:

I'm currently using MIDIPlayer and a USB-MIDI interface which is doing the job but I prefer the interface of Foobar (and the operators of the organ are in advancing years and are not greatly computer literate) and I think Foobar would suit them better. I have downloaded the MIDI player add on ( ) and have that running on Foobar which is allowing the MIDI files to play via the PC speakers but I seem unable to select the USB-MIDI interface as an output from Foobar.

I wonder if anyone has done anything similar to this (although I understand not with a fairground organ!) perhaps getting a MIDI instrument to play from Foobar? If it is not possible with Foobar perhaps someone may know of a piece of software that will do the job and has the friendly/easy to use interface of Foobar.

Hope someone will be able to help!



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